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Antigravity Batteries ATZ7-8 Battery

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Increasing performance for competition usually means improving the motorcycle or ATV's power-to-weight ratio by either adding more power or taking away weight. However, this can be expensive. One of the easiest and least expensive ways to eliminate pounds of weight is often overlooked - the battery. Now there is a much lighter alternative, the lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4 ) batteries from Antigravity Batteries®. While a traditional YTZ®10 lead/acid battery for a YZF-R1 or YZF-R6 weighs about 8 lb, Antigravity's equivalent lithium-iron battery weighs about 2 lb, about 75% lighter and an easy savings of nearly 6 lb.!

Additional Features:
  • Size: Direct replacements for the OE battery with the same case dimensions and connectors, providing a perfect fit and 70-80% weight savings
  • Better Starting: Larger ignition spark and higher voltage on the starting pulse than a lead/acid battery
  • No Maintenance: No liquids to spill and no trickle charging necessary to keep the battery charged
  • Durable: Will not be damaged by vibration or heat like a lead-acid battery while also being completely waterproof
  • Non-Toxic: Chemical make-up does not contain highly toxic materials such as acid or lead
  • Manufacturer's 3-year limited warranty to the original purchaser

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Antigravity Batteries ATZ7-8 Battery
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